A másik Ruzitska operája

Németh G. István [Németh István Csaba]: „A másik Ruzitska operája. Ruzitska György–Christian Heyser: Alonso, oder die Wege des Verhängnisses” Magyar Zene, 40/3 (2002. augusztus), 179–290.

István G. Németh [István-Csaba Németh]: „A másik Ruzitska operája” [The Opera by the Other Ruzitska],Magyar Zene 40/3 (August 2002), 179–290. [Abstract:] In 1822, József Ruzitska wrote in Kolozsvár (Cluj) Béla futása(Bela’s Flucht), generally considered to be the foundation of Hungarian national opera. A few years later, in 1828 in the same town, György Ruzitska (born 1789 in Vienna, died 1869 in Kolozsvár) completed the opera Alonso which was intended for performance on the stage of the Städtisches Theater in Pest. However, the performance never took place because of the departure of the singer August Fischer, in spite of his contract. György Ruzitska’s Alonso, based on a libretto by the Transylvanian German author Christian Heyser, is a rescue opera reuniting the traditions of the Singspiel and opéra comique, at the same time showing the melodic influence of the contemporary Italian opera composer Rossini. This paper presents a biography of the composer focusing on his production of musical stage works including the early Vienna period. The opera is presented mainly through the extracts employed in the overture, and rearranged by the composer according to a specific narrative strategy, which—if compared with the libretto—suggests the dominance of human action versus a priori determined fate.

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